by Laci
(Bald Knob, AR US)

Submitted: Nov 25,2011.

I've been doing some crocheting for the past couple of months. I've been making scarves for my family members and friends for Christmas.

The way I've been crocheting the scarfs is only doing it in rows, then when adding another color to the scarf I loop my yarn at the beginning of the first color used. With me doing that I've learned how to make several of them.

Though I don't really think that's how the books teach you how to add other colors, but that's how I've done it. I've done 6 scarfs using three different colors. Is this the correct way to do it?


My first row is green, then me finishing that color.
My second row is tan, which I looped that color into the green making my first row of the tan.
My third row is the last color which is black.

I've even added fringes on the ends but different color yarn for the different color combinations.

Green going on the black
Black going on the tan
Tan going on the green.

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Nov 25, 2011
To change color.

Hi Laci,
you know, I think that you've chosen the best way how to learn to do something.-:)

As a rule, there is no a single BEST solution for the majority of things we try to make. The very same result can be achieved in a FEW different ways.

Do not know HOW? Just try!!! Your six crocheted scarfs are the best demonstration of this method.-:)

Here is a classical way to change color while crocheting:

Method 2.

If it is possible, could you, please, submit a picture of your scarf? I think it would be interesting for our visitors to look at your creative works.

Thank you!


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