V-Stitch Square Dishcloth

The dishcloth shown used 100 % cotton

The dishcloth shown used 100 % cotton

V-Stitch Crochet Dish Cloth; I used 100 % cotton yarn

Hook size 4.5 mm
V stitch v-st = double crochet,1 chain,double crochet

Foundation Row chain 4 Join with a slip stitch
Row 1 chain 4 double crochet in the ring , chain 3 ( v-stitch in ring, ch 3) three times slip stitch to 3rd ch of beginning chain 4 4 v- stitches and 4 chain 3 corners

Row 2 *slip stitch into corner chain 3 space, chain 4 (double crochet Chain 3 V stitch), v-stitch to next corner (v-stitch, chain 3, v-stitch) in corner chain 3 space, v-stitch to next corner v stitch chain 3 v-stitch in chain 3 space slip stitch to join.*

Repeat from *to*

Repeat row 2 for pattern

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