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February 2022

Hi, Happy Knitters and  Enthusiastic Crochet Hobbyists,

For many of us, the cold outside is the main reason to stay inside and keep busy, whether or not we have a comfy chair in front of a fireplace or a home-made afghan to snuggle under as we pursuit our latest project.  

But for those of you, "down under" this might be the perfect opportunity to evaluate your stash and think about the projects you plan to create when the weather gets colder.  Either way, I have something important for you this month.

I've been busy completing the beginner guides for both knitting and crocheting and I've added a few new tutorials you might find helpful. 

Just for Knitters

Knitting Resources for February Newsletter

For Knitters, please check out these how to articles:

How to Fix Knitting Mistakes

How to Make Even Stitches:  A Tension Primmer

Best Knitting Books:  Here are my Favorites, what are yours?

Do You Know How to Make the SKP Decrease?

Just Crochet Fun

February 2022 Smart Knit Crocheting Newsletter Crocheting Resources

I haven't forgotten you.  Check out these new resources just for crochet enthusiasts.

Best Crochet Books Everyone Should Read

Rib Stitch Crocheting:  Tutorial and Free Headband Pattern

For Everyone

You Need a Hobby

Helpful Links 

Knitting Basics for the Beginner

How to Knit for the Very Beginner

Basic Knitting Stitches

How to Understand Yarn Labels before You Acquire Your Stash

All about Knitting Needles:  How many and Just What You Really Need

Understanding Gauge:  Don't Avoid this Post

What You Need to Know about Wool and Other Fibers

Understanding Knitting Patterns

Understanding Knitting Charts

Beginner Basics for Crochet

How to Crochet

Basic Crochet Stitches for the Absolute Beginner

Understanding Crochet Hooks and How to Buy

Crochet Terms and Abbreviations for Reading Patterns

How to Create a Gauge Swatch and Understanding How it is Used

Crocheting in the Round

Smart-Knit-Crocheting Becoming Social!

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Follow us on Facebook.  I've started a modest presence on Facebook.  Let me know what you want to see on this site.  I am all ears!  I hope to help you along with your knitting and crocheting and will work diligently to answer all posts and e-mails you send me.  You just need to contact me.

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You Tube?  Yes, it is in the works.  I'm hoping to add video tutorial to all posts that need it, so stay tuned, I'll let you know when it becomes a realty.

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