Free Crochet Patterns

From "easy to crochet" to "for high skilled"

Time to find some new free crochet patterns! All of us, knitters and crocheters, are somewhat crazy about finding a new knitting or crochet pattern to add them to our "Treasure Chest". We may never crochet majority of those patterns. But they are there in our chest of treasures. One day we might...

Free Crochet Patterns

It's not a great idea to collect as many patterns as possible. I am a firm believer that it is not a pattern that makes a masterpiece of our sweater or dress. All we need is:

1. Yarn which works well with the chosen pattern.

2. Neatly made work.

3. Proper finished edges.

The simpler, the better. Here is an example.

The 2 piece set which you can see on this page was made more than 30 years ago. Does it look like an old fashioned garment? Not at all. I will tell your more. The crochet pattern is so easy to crochet that I almost ready to name it an "easy crochet pattern".

This page is an attempt to make my library of free crochet patterns usable. What is different about this free crochet patterns library?

1.The majority of patterns will be given in charts with some key details explained.

2. All patterns are crocheted before I place them on this site.

3. I will try to keep this library useable and not to pile zillions of patterns.

In order to save your time and make navigation easier, let me explain the system they are going to be arranged. This library of crochet patterns will grow in time. I am not sure this arrangement will be saved forever.  Nevertheless, let's put some "treasures" in our "Treasure Chest". It will have TWO SECTIONS.

Section 1:

...presents different crocheting techniques.

Section2: functional. The patterns which are the most suitable for some particular kind of projects.

  • Shawl Patterns
  • Baby Patterns
  • Hat Patterns
  • Sweater Patterns
  • Crochet Doilies