Filet Crochet Pattern

Endless Creativity

To make a filet crochet pattern is easy. Filet crocheting is an amazingly flexible and rewarding technique.

You can use any kind of yarn, any number of hook. Just don't be afraid to experiment a little bit.

Filet crochet designs looks pretty lacy, but at the same time the structure of the filet crochet fabric tends to keep the shapes of designs unchanged for years even after numerous washing.

Filet Crochet Pattern
Filet Crochet Symbols

Some useful things to remember while you make filet crocheting

1. Filet crochet is a mesh composed of open and solid cells. There are different ways to form the cells. A filet crochet symbols picture shows you the most often used way to crochet them.

2. Number of stitches for the foundation chain: 3 x (number of cells) + 3 turning chains (to start the 1st row)+ 1 chain(to form the last cell of the 1st row). If you have to make 48 cells for the 1st row, your foundation chain will have: 3 x 48 + 3 +1 = 148 chains.

3. To keep filet pattern neat make sure you are working a little more tightly than usual. It might not a bad idea to use a size hook one number less than recommended for the kind of yarn you chose.

4. Filet mesh will look more orderly if each double crochet is worked in the front strand of a stitch, instead of working in both.

5. To finish a crochet filet project, wash it with soap, wet item, pin to clean cardboard, stretch to the necessary shape, and let it dry. Carefully iron it, using steam. Some projects require light starching.

See more details on pressing your knitted or crocheted garment.

6. The final look of your filet crochet design to a big extent depends on the kind of thread and number of crochet hook you use to make it. The thinner the thread you use, the more intricate look of your project will be.

7. Filet crocheting is VERY flexible technique. No wonder modern designers keep continue to invent new techniques based on filet crocheting.

Filet Crochet Pattern library

A filet crochet pattern shelf. You will find more of them added as I build this site. Check the filet crochet doilies page for additional patterns.

Pattern 1.To make swatch: Multiple of 8 stitches. Click for chart.(new window opens).

Pattern 2.To make swatch: Multiple of 14 stitches Click for chart.(new window opens).

Pattern 3.To make swatch: Multiple of 12 stitches Click for chart.(new window opens).

Pattern 4.To make swatch: Multiple of 12 stitches Click for chart.(new window opens).

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