Filet Crochet

Some creative ideas

Filet crochet.... A well known and somewhat old fashioned technique. But often we say that everything new is actually a well-forgotten old thing. It is also very true when we consider crocheting based on using filet mesh.

Don't be in a hurry to put those old-fashioned pieces of crocheting on the bottom of your chest. They have big potential for inspiration even for any crocheter with little experience. Easy to crochet, numerous opportunities for decoration and creating unique designs, this technique really deserves our attention.

This page is not about traditional filet technique. It intends to give a little "push" to your creativity and make you believe, that the most glamorous and festive garments are really made with basic techniques.

If you would like to refresh your memory about this classical crocheting technique or just discover it for yourself, here are good sites , where you will find all information necessary for your projects:

  • HessDesign gives you a good idea about reading filet charts.

Now let's try to step a little bit aside from traditional technique. 

Practically all presented models are combination of traditional filet technique with other crochet techniques and stitches. This is one of the ways modern designers make old and well-known filet meshes look like fresh and innovative style.

Certainly combination of a few techniques in the same garment requires pretty high level of mastery from a crocheter. But we know that "our eyes are afraid, but hands just do it".

One step at a time. From the simple classical filet designs, to one step more advanced patterns where 2 or 3 different techniques are combined, and then you are ready for you masterpiece. One step at a time!

Here are a few simple ideas for filet designs

Filet crochet ideas

   Substitute one or a few meshes with a a 4-petal flower based on a mesh and you can create a new kind of crochet fabric.

Filet crochet pattern

   A "lazy" alternative of  Irish crochet. Flowers are sewing on the mesh.

Filet crochet pattern

     A single crochet areas inserted into a mesh. Join-as-you go!

Filet crochet is a simple but very flexible technique. It allows you to create anything from garments where a little bit tricky increases and decreases are required to shape your design to home decorating things: doilies, table runners, pictures, curtains, and so on. 

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