Filet Crocheting:  How To Make  Decreases When Creating Shaping for Garments

Updated 08-15-2022

Filet crocheting is a very flexible technique which allows you to create your own designs even if you don't consider yourself an experienced crocheter. Here are a few creative ideas about making a new look for that old classical filet crochet.

Perhaps you've seen a lot of beautiful and intricate designs of doilies, table runners, bed covers, tablecloths, curtains, and framed pictures made in filet technique.

They are the examples of traditional use of crochet mesh worked with chains and double crochet stitches. Some of them are just rectangular or square while others have pretty complicated shapes.

To shape them, you will need to work increases or decreases. They create the small "steps" at the edge of crochet fabric providing some additional charm to the look of your project. Like on the first picture in the table below.

These "steps" won't look great in case you crochet a sweater, for example, and need to make decreases to shape armhole. A smooth armhole edge will make your sweater look neater and at the same it  will be much easier to join  the sleeves.

Decreases, to form a smooth edge of the crocheted fabric , can be done both at the beginning and at the end of the  row. Pictures #2 and #3 in the table below demonstrate how to make decreases for the case of an opened mesh located at the edge. Picture #4 shows the way to decrease solid mesh at the beginning or at the end of row.


Decreases in Filet Crocheting

Decreasing Filet Crocheting at the Beginning of the Row

Instead of making a turning chain, work slip stitches across to where you wish to work the first mesh of the row. There are two slip stitches in space of chain 2 PLUS one slip stitch in every double crochet. Begin the mesh with a 3-chains out of the last slip stitch.

Decreasing Filet Crocheting at the Beginning of the Row:  Method 2

Instead of turning chain work 3 + 1 chains. Crochet one double crochet into the double crochet of the previous row. This way a triangle mash will be formed instead of the rectangular. Continue according to the stitch pattern.

Decreasing Filet Crocheting at the End of the Row.

Form a triangle mesh similar to the one in case # 2. To make it, crochet a double treble crochet one mesh to the left in the row below. (Depending on tension of your thread you might will have to crochet a treble treble instead of treble crochet.).

Decreasing File Crocheting at the End of the Row:  Solid Mesh Decrease

Work 4 partial double crochets, decrease with 4 double crochet cluster. A solid triangle is formed at the end of the row.

To decrease solid mesh at the beginning of the row, chain 4 stitches, crochet them together with two next double crochets to form solid triangle at the beginning of the  row.

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