Knit a Cable; Video Tutorials

Right-handed and left-handed knitting

To knit a cable is easy. In order to knit a simple 2-strand cable, we would take a group of  stitches (1, 2, 3, and sometimes more then 3 stitches )  and at certain rows of knitting we would  change their  places on the knitting needle with other group of  stitches (1, 2, 3, and sometimes more then 3 stitches ) .

This way two strands overlap each other at certain points and pattern results in a cable. (see the picture below). Knitting a cable is a very popular  and pretty easy way to make your garment looking not like every body Else's.

It can be easily modified and adjusted to your own design.   Just play with those neighboring groups of stitches and the final result will look great. How can we do that?

You can change the way a cable looks like in a few different methods :

  1. to change number of stitches in a strand making wider or narrower cables
  2. use 3 or more strands instead of 2 strands. Three strand cable will look like a braid.
  3. to change the number of rows knitted between crossings. It will make sections of your cable between crossing either shorter on longer
  4. vary the length of different sections of a cable. Additional pattern based on irregular length of those sections will be noticeable.
  5. use right or left-twist while you make a cable, and so on

There are two major techniques to make a cable twist:

  1. With the aid of the additional needle. It can be a specially shaped cable needle, a double-pointed needle or just a large safety pin.

  2. Without the aid of the additional needle. Cable knitting without an extra needle will make your cabling experience much more enjoyable. Not having that pesky cable needle, you will easily visualize a cable pattern and your knitting process will be much more productive.

If you are a visual learner, the videos presented here will be the best help for you to be prepared for mastering any pattern designed of braids and cables. Let's watch and follow tutorials.

To knit a cable with the aid of the cable needle

Without the aid of the cable needle

Left-handed knitting. Left-crossing cables.

Left-handed knitting. Right-crossing cables.

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