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Smart Knit Crocheting was started by Dina in 2006, but as with many things, the interest waned, family members required more attention and the decision was made to sell the site. 

Dina's great foundation of information is still intact, with all the tutorials and knowledge base you'll need to get your project started. 

Update: December 2021

It's now December 2021 and Janice has taken over the site.  

Hi, I'm Janice Jones and I am so thrilled to have the honor of being the voice behind this site.  I was introduced to many crafts at a young age by my paternal grandmother, but sadly the interested faded as life got in the way.  College, career, marriage, children, you know the routine. 

It wasn't until 2020 and the Covid Pandemic, that I picked up my needles and hooks or the first time in many decades.    I became immediately hooked (no pun intended) and began searching out books, magazines and online tutorials. 

It was as if I were learning the skills for the first time, but luckily some of the knowledge given to me some 60 years earlier, did remerge but the muscle memory needed a little rekindling.  

Growing up in the 1960s was a great time to be involved in crafts.  Everyone I knew was always working on a project or two. 

I can remember getting into trouble at school for knitting in Physics class.  Surely that teacher must have understood that I could knit and listen to his lecture at the same time! Oh, I promise you, I did set my knitting down, if he said anything of importance that I needed to jot down.

Fast forward a few decades, well, maybe more than a few decades, and here I am hoping to share my knowledge with you.  

My goal for this website is to provide basic instructions, easy patterns and tutorials, and carry on the hard work of the two previous owners.  While I'm new here, I'm not new to the online world.  I have several other websites and I'd be humbled if you'd check them out too.  

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Looking Ahead...

If you're a knitter or crocheter, and like to write, we need to talk. 

How would you like to write articles about your favorite craft for this site?  There's no money in it yet, but maybe a picture and a bit about you, with a link to your blog or Facebook page will be payment enough.  Contact me if you're interested!

Certificate from the Craft Yarn Council for Janice Jones Knitting Instructor
Craft yarn council crochet instructor certificate

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About Janice

Hi, I’m Janice, the voice behind Smart-Knit-Crocheting. I love to knit and crochet and even more, I love teaching others what I know.

Though I learned to knit and crochet as a child, I didn’t get serious about these amazing hobbies until I retired. I’m a certified knit and crochet instructor through the Craft Yarn Council and am working on becoming a Master Hand Knitter through The Knitting Guild Association.

I’m currently living with my husband of over 50 years and our 7 Shih Tzu dogs.

I love hearing from you, so please drop me a line and let me know what you’re working on, whether you love knitting or crocheting more, and if you have any questions. Please visit my about me page for more information.

Happy Crocheting