Knit Wits July 2021

It's Knitting Tutorial Month

Hi, Happy Knitters and  Enthusiastic Crochet hobbyists.  What are you working on this summer?  Many people put their needles or hooks down when it's very hot and hit the pool or the beach.  If this is you, remember that most small projects can be very portable and you relax at the beach while working on a project.

Lightweight cottons, linens, hemp and bamboo make perfect summertime knits and crochets. Cotton is good for garments and home accessories because it is strong, durable and highly absorbent.  But it is not always the easiest fiber to work with because it is not very elastic.  My choice is to find cotton mixed with something else to make it a bit more manageable.

50% cotton & 50% polyester (This cotton is easy to work with and machine washable;  Number 3 weighed yarn)

100% Natural Linen if you are looking for a yarn that is 100% linen.  It comes in a wide variety of colors.

Made with 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton (Very affordable)  Each skein is 50 ounces but it comes in packs of 10.

This is a good combination of cotton and linen with a weight of number 3, suitable for many summer knits or crochet project

What's New at Smart Knit Crocheting?

When I took over this website, I had no idea how much work it would be to bring it up to standards, but slowly, slowly, it's coming together. This month, I'm highlighting a couple of brand new tutorials that I hope will help beginning knitters understand some of the finer points of their craft.

How to Increase in Knitting

If you've been knitting awhile, you know how many different ways you can increase, but are you sure you are doing it correctly?  Are your increases symmetrical?  Are they facing in the correct direction?  This article will walk you through four different increases with detailed instructions.

How to Increase in Knitting

How to Decrease in Knitting

While I was going through all my notes about increasing, it occurred to me that we might want to cover decreasing as well.  Whether you are making a garment or creating a beautiful piece of lace, you'll want your decreases to look as good as your increases.  In this article we will look at both right and left slanting decreases and provide several different methods of each.

How to Decrease in Knitting

Having Problems with Making Your Knit Stitches Even?

Ok, I'll admit, I was and still am and that is the reason and focus for this article.  And, yes, I'm talking about tension.  Once you get serious about this craft, you want your masterpieces to look good and there are just some knit stitches that are hard to get right.  I'm speaking firstly about the Stockinette pattern, but there are others that might need some help too.  I hope you will find this tutorial helpful.

How to Knit Even Stitches

How to Crochet a Shawl

Warmer weather makes me want to create projects that I can use and when the evenings are cool, a shawl is just the thing.  Check out, how to crochet a shawl.

How to Crochet a Shawl

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Projects for Beginners

There are already so many projects available on this website, but it's not always easy to find them, so, I've been busy trying to organize all the old content so you can find it easily.

Here are a couple I found for the beginners among us.

Smart-Knit-Crocheting Becoming Social!

We're now on Pinterest.  Please take a look, repin, follow or whatever feels right to you.  I hope to keep you informed on everything Knitting and Crocheting, so I truly appreciate your help.  Remember, this site is written and produced by one person, me, Janice Jones, so there is no big corporations behind any of the content on the site.  I rely on readers to ask questions, give suggestions, or even print their own patterns for fellow hobbyists to enjoy.

Follow us on Facebook.  I've started a modest presence on Facebook.  Let me know what you want to see on this site.  I am all ears!  I hope to help you along with your knitting and crocheting and will work diligently to answer all posts and e-mails you send me.  You just need to contact me.

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