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To Knit or Crochet Smart

How to knit or crochet smart? Just remember, the most glamorous and festive garments are made with basic techniques. You do not necessarily need to follow someone else's instructions. Design your own project. It is not as difficult as it seems. This website helps you to solve a variety of design and "how to do's" problems while you are planning to implement your new, creative idea into a real scarf, hat, doilies or even a sweater or dress.

Knit crocheting smart

Have you ever been faced with one or more of these common situations?

  • You are very proud of that new gorges doily which you crocheted last week. It looks perfect. The only thing bothers you. It does not lay flat on the surface. Why doesn't it?

  • You have a description of a beautiful sweater. It is exactly your size; everything looks the way you would like to. You take recommended brand of yarn, the very same size of needles and decide to check a pattern gauge. Alas... It does not match the one in the description. What now?

  • You are going to crochet a dress for your 3-year-old daughter. There is a nice one in your favorite magazine. But it says "for 2-year girl." Does not look as it is going to fit. You like that dress! What should you do?

  • You decided to crochet a shawl of motifs for you Mom. She liked the one you showed her at some web site, but she would prefer to have it not that lacy and from thicker yarn. Your crochet a motif sample. It is twice as large as the one in the description! What should one do?

There is a hope for you  to find solutions of similar problems on this site. Its advices are  based upon my hard-learned experience accumulated during more than 30-year  in knitting and crocheting projects.

To use  information presented here, you don't need to be a very skilled master. Most of the glamorous and festive projects can be made with the simplest possible patterns and basic techniques. So how do we do that smart approach? Many answers can be found in this "HOW-TO-DO" site.

What you can expect to find in this website...



How-to Projects

The information is now literally in your hands for you to enjoy. Follow step by step instructions and patterns or be creative - the choice is yours. Once each hand does its job, the yarn cooperates and your work starts to look like a real masterpiece, you can relax and enjoy the process. Your dreams become true! Let me wish you to follow our favorite hobby with pleasure and enjoyment.

Note. English is not my native language. I try hard to make it decent, but if you find some possible mistakes or difficult to understand phrases, please let me know. I appreciate your feedback.

Why my English ain't perfect?! -:) "Correct my English", please.

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