Autumn Cluster Stitch Purse

Cluster Stitch Purse

Cluster Stitch Purse

Hook Size: 4.5 mm

Weight: 4 meduim

Bottom Piece ( make 2)

Foundation Row: chain 36

Row 1 - 16: single crochet across row

Join bottom pieces toether with single crochet. Sample shown used a piece of flat plastic in the middle of the two layers for a more rigid bottom.

Main Body

Puff Stitch: Wrap yarn over the hook and insert the hook into the fourth chain from the cook. Yarn over again and draw up a loop. there should be 3 loops on the hook. Yarn over, insert hook through the same chain stitch, yarn over, and draw up another loop. there should be 5 loops on the hook. Repeat twice more until there are 9 loops on the hook then yarn over and draw it through all the loops. with the loop pulled through the puff stitch, make a single chain stitch, this secures the stitch and helps keep it more upright. it also spaces out the work more evenly.

Row 1 - 15: puff stitch in each space around row and join with a slip stitch

Row 16 - 20: single stitch arounnd row and join with a slip stitch

Sew in lining and handles.

Weave in all ends in at least three different directions to ensure that the ends of the project dont come loose though use.

By Pumpkin Spice

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