Crochet Terms and Abbreviations

You may be able to start crocheting without knowing what all those short form terms and abbreviations are in patterns, but once you get some experience under your belt,  you'll want to go further and explore all the different patterns and designs out there.

Crochet Terms and Abbreviations

This page outlines all the usual (and some unusual) terms that you'll come across while you develop your skill.

This set of conversions can be used either way to convert US to UK terms, or the other way around;

         UK                                        US
Chain               |ch |chain                  |st |
Slip stitch         |ss |slip stitch            |ss |
Double crochet  |dc |single crochet     |sc |
Half treble        |htr|half double          |hdc|
Treble              |tr |double                 |dc |
Double treble    |dtr|treble                 |tr |
Triple treble      |ttr|double treble       |dtr|

This will hopefully help with the confusion of conversions from the UK and US terms.

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