Barbie Black Cape

Barbie Black Cape

Barbie Black Cape

Hook Size: 3.75 mm

Weight: 4

Foundation Row: chain 32

Row 1-9: double crochet across row

Row 10-12: * double crochet x4 then crochet 2 together* repeat* from* to across row

Row 13-14: * double crochet x3 then crochet 2 together* repeat from* to* across row

Row 15: * double crochet x2 then crochet 2 together* repeat from* to*: across row

Row 16: single crochet across row

Row 17: chain 15 then attach to one side of the top of the cape and single crochet across top then chain 15. This forms the ties for the cape

Row 18: single crochet around cape with three single crochets in the corners

Weave in all ends in at least three different directions to ensure that the ends of the project don't come loose through use

By Pumpkin Spice

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