Basic fair Isle hat

Basic Fair Isle Hat

Basic Fair Isle Hat

Circular needle 3.5 mm

Weight: 4

Foundation Row: Cast on 100 stitches

Row 1 - 12: work in a basic ribbing stitch of knit 1 purl 1. Work in color A

Row 13: knit in color A

Row 14: knit 3 in color A and knit 1 in color B repeat around row

Row 15: knit in color A

Repeat rows 14 and 15 for 16 rows

Row 32- 46: knit in color A

Row 47- 55: decrease by 1 stitch every 10 stitches around row.* tip* use a stitch marker every 10 stitches to make sure the decrease is in the correct spot.

By Pumpkin Spice

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