Beginner Crochet

Don't try to make it easy and skip the gauge swatch.

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The beginner crochet page is a practical advice how to avoid a bad surprise at the final point of your project. If you have the intention of making a sweater for your husband, you shouldn't end up with a sweater that fits your ten year old son.

Beginner Crocheting

The solution is very simple.

Every time you start a new project you need to make a gauge swatch.

Very often crochet or knitting patterns will recommend the size of yarn and hook or needles you should use to make the gauge specified in your pattern. For example, "24 stitches and 18 rows will make  4 in x 4 in square."

You used the recommended hook and yarn, and followed their exact instructions. But 24 stitches and 18 rows of your swatch didn't make a 4x4 square. Now what?

First of all, don't panic. An exact match happens rarely happens. And second, don't try to follow their advice "change the hook or yarn brand until your stitch gauge is correct".

Certainly it was good advice, but not a universal one. It doesn't always help to solve the problem.

Here is what you should do now.

Look at your swatch first. Is it about 6x6 inches? Good! If it is not, you should make a bigger one. Why? Because the density of your pattern will never be the same at the edges and in the center of your swatch.

To calculate gauge correctly, you need to make your measurements in the center of the swatch.


Follow this Beginner Crochet instruction.

Step 1. Put the swatch on the ironing board and cover with damp fabric. Hold an iron ABOVE the ironing board for a few seconds. NEVER iron your crochet or knitting projects directly - just steam it.

Step 2. Put your swatch on the flat surface. If this is the only project you are going to make, take a ruler and put it on the swatch. Count the number of rows in four inches. Count the number of stitches in four inches.

If you are more serious about the number of your future projects and would like to calculate correct gauge, spend a couple of extra minutes and make a simple template (see the picture). It can be made of cardboard, plastic, metal, etc. Put it in the center of your swatch and count the number of stitches and rows in that 4in x 4in window.

Step 3. Calculate gauge. What is the gauge? Gauge determines the correct size of your finished project. It is composed of two parts:

  • Number of stitches per inch
  • Number of rows per inch

Here's some examples;

Here are your measurements

1.Number of stitches per 4 inches: 27.

2.Number of rows per 4 inches: 26.

Calculate gauge: 

3.Number of stitches per inch: 27 / 4 = 6.75 stitch/inch
4.Number of rows per inch: 26 / 4 = 6.5 rows/inch

Now it's time to move from the beginner crochet level to a real project. How should we use gauge to calculate the correct size of sweater, for example?

Let's find out. Go to Crocheting Basics page.

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