Blind Cleaner

Blind Cleaner

Blind Cleaner

Hook size: 3.5 mm

Weight: 4 medium

This project was created with 100 % cotton yarn. It is easier to wash and can be re-used.

This is a simple project for a beginner crochetedr to do. It is a fairly quick project without any complicated stitches.

Foundation Row: chain 12

Row 1: single crochet around foundation row and join with a slip stitch

Row 2-17: single crochet around row and join with a slip stitch

Row 18: single crochet end together

Make three and join with a slip stitch on open end.
Weave in all ends of the project in at least three different directions to ensure that the ends of the project don't come loose through use

By Pumpkin Spice

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