Crochet Butterfly Applique

Pink Crochet Butterflies

Pink Crochet Butterflies

You can use any size of hook desired. The larger the hook the larger the butterfly will be.

Any kind of yarn can be used for this project.

Row 1 With your first color of yarn chain 5 and slip stitch h to form ring.

Row 2 chain 3 (counts as first crochet.) Double crochet three times chain two (counts as a shell) and repeat 8 times joining with a slip stitch at top of beginning chain three. Cut yarn.

Row 3 with a second color of yarn. In a chain 2 space of shell, chain 3( counts as first double crochet) (two double crochet Chain 2 three double crochet) in the beginning space chain 1. *Double crochet 3 chain 2 double crochet 3 in the next space chain 1* repeat from * to* around, join with a slip stitch to the top of beginning g chain 3. Cut the yarn.

Row 5 With the first color of yarn in a chain 2 space chain 3( this counts as first crochet) put 8 double crochet in the next space put a single crochet * repeat from* to* around, join with a slip stitch. Cut your yarn.

Cut a pipe cleaner and wrap around the centre.

Make lots of these in Christmas colors to decorate your home for the holidays!

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