Crochet Hair Elastic

Crochet Hair Elastic

Crochet Hair Elastic

These are very quick to make and are great for last minute gifts. A group of three or four make a nice hostess gift.

They can also be used as wine glass identifiers.

Any type of yarn can be used for this project and scraps are a perfect choice as it takes a very small amount of yarn to complete.
Crochet hook size used for this project 4.5 mm. Although any size hook can be used. The larger the hook size used the larger the stitch size will be and the smaller the hook size used the smaller the stitches.
Row 1 Single Crochet around the elastic and slip stitch to join

Row 2 chain three and slip stitch to join in the same space. Repeat in each space around.

Slip stitch to join and weave tail at least in three different directions as this will secure the tail and prevent it from working loose with repeated use.

Inspired by Creative Grandma

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