Knitted Ladies Mitts with 2 knitting needles

Knitted Ladies Mitts

Knitted Ladies Mitts

Make these Two Needle Ladies Mitts using knitting needle size 4.5 mm and 2.5 mm. Weight: 4

Cast on 40 stitches with 2.5 mm knitting needles
Work in knit 1 purl 1 for an inch and a half
Switch needles to 4.5 mm needles and work 5 rows in stocking stitch.

Knit 19 stitches increase 1 stitch knit 2 increase 1 stitch and knit to the end of the row. Purl next row.

Stitch markers can be used to indicate where the increase stitches are.

Continue to increase until 14 stitches are increased.

Take off the 14 middle stitches and put on a stitch holder.

Knit 19 stitches increase 1 stitch knit 2 stitches increase 1 stitch knit to the end of row 40 stitches on needle. Purl next row. Continue in stocking stitch until mitt covers hand then decrease.

Knit 2 together (k2tog) across row . Next row purl. Continue in this manner until there are no stitches left on needle.

Sew mitt together.

Knit the second mitt to match.

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