Crochet Slipper Pattern

A Granny Square project

A crochet slipper pattern is based on a solid granny squares. See how to crochet a solid Granny Square on the Granny Squares page. A video tutorial is available too.

Crochet Slipper Pattern

I remember these slippers from my childhood. My grandma crocheted them for the whole family. There is nothing special in this pattern, but like any handmade item it brings you some warm feelings and lots of comfort.

How to crochet slipper pattern

To make a slipper you will have to crochet 7 Granny Squares. It is better to use strong yarn. For example, Red Heart Super saver 4 ply worsted weight yarn. Crochet Granny's  tight.  All squares can be solid, or make the top front square more lacy and multicolored like mine.

Crochet slipper pattern
Granny square project

A little bit of measuring and calculations first. Step on the measuring tape and measure the length of your foot. Let's assume it is equal to 24cm / 9.5 in. Divide that length by 2. It means that a diagonal of the Granny Square has to be equal to 12 cm or 4.75 in. To form a sole of a slipper,  two of them will be necessary to align. Look at the picture above.

Numbers 1 through 7 shows you that there are seven seams to be made, to assemble the slipper. Corresponding sides of the pattern are connected by the arrows. They  show which sides of the squares have to be sewn together.

You can sew or crochet those seven Granny Squares together according to a slipper pattern scheme.  If you sew them, seams and a slipper itself will be a little softer than the one with crocheted seams. I prefer to crochet them together. Crocheted seams look more decorative and keep slipper  shape better.

To make slippers look finished, crochet an edging around the opened edges. Repeat 1 single crochet and 5 chain stitches along the whole length of the top part. Here is one more variant of an easy edging. Repeat 5 single crochets, 1 picot stitch along the edge.

Granny square project

I really like this crochet slipper pattern. It doesn't require much time to crochet it. As any granny square project it allows you to utilize all your yarn leftovers.

Besides that slippers can be an excellent appreciated gift for anyone. Here is one more advantage of this "model". Are you going to visit someone's house and would like to keep your feet warm there? Take your slippers with you. Being folded, they won't take too much room in your purse .

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