Knit Basketweave Dishcloth Free Pattern

by Janice Jones     |Published 1-28-2023

This knit basketweave dishcloth free pattern is very easy and a beginner-friendly project for yourself or to gift to a friend. I have found numerous basketweave patterns and they all look lovely.  The two I will be providing are free patterns, one worked over a 12 row repeat and one that is a 4-row repeat. 

Basketweave Knit Stitch Dishcloth

As you probably already know, the basketweave pattern stitch is a textured pattern that creates a woven-like look.

A Word About Row Repeats

The more repeats, the more difficult the pattern.  With that said, it is entirely made up of knit and purl stitches, nothing else.

The free pattern follows but I want to make sure you scroll to the end of this article because there are some great beginner-friendly tips to help propel your knitting to the next level.

Knit Basketweave Dishcloth Free Pattern Using a 12-Row Repeat

This pattern uses a 12-row repeat in multiples of 6 stitches.  If you would like to try a different basketweave pattern, check out our basketweave knit stitch tutorial. This tutorial uses an 8-row repeat and may be just a little easier to follow.

Supplies Needed

  • 100% cotton yarn in worsted weight (number 4 yarn from the Yarn Craft Council. I used Lily Sugar 'N Cream The Original Solid Yarn, 2.5oz, Medium 4 Gauge, 100% Cotton in white
  • Size US 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle for weaving in ends


  • This pattern uses US English terminology.
  • Both the basketweave stitch dishcloth on this page and the basketweave stitch tutorial requires you to cast on a multiple of 6 and 8.  See the specific patterns below for the stitch repeats you should use.

Skill Level

From the Craft Yarn Council, the symbol used to determine the skill level required to finish the project.

This pattern may be a bit challenging for the beginning knitter, but it only requires knowledge of knits and purls.  The biggest hurdle for the beginner is following the 12 row repeat. (see below)


k= knit

p= purl

CO = Cast On

BO = Bind off

sts = stitches

Final Project Size

Using a US 8 knitting needle (5.0 mm) the final project measures 8 inches (approximately 20 cm) square.

Pattern Repeat

(multiples of 6)

Rows 1:  RS: Knit All

Rows 2: Purl All

Rows 3: * K1, P4, K1 *

Rows 4: * P1, K4, P1 *

Row 5:  * K1, P4, K1 *

Row 6: * P1, K4, P1 *

Row 7: Knit all

Row 8: Purl all

Rows 9: * P2, K2, P2 *

Rows 10: * K2, P2, K2 *

Row 11: * P2, K2, P2 *

Row 12: * K2, P2, K2 *

Repeat rows 1 to 12 until your desired length is obtained or 8 inches (20 cm).

Directions for Making the Knit Basketweave Dishcloth Free Pattern

CO 42 sts. (6 x 7)

Rows 1: Knit across the row

Rows 2:  Purl across the row

Rows 3:  * K1, P4, K1 *

Row 4: * P1, K4, P1 *

Row 5: * K1, P4, K1 *

Rows 6: * P1, K4, P1 *

Row 7: Knit All

Row 8: Purl All

Rows 9: * P2, K2, P2 *

Rows 10: * K2, P2, K2 *

Row 11: * P2, K2, P2 *

Row 12:  * K2, P2, K2 *

Repeat these 12 rows until project measures 8 inches (20 cm) long.  Bind off in pattern and weave in ends.

Tips for Following a 12-row repeat While Making the Knit Basketweave Dishcloth Free Pattern

Some beginners may feel intimidated when they encounter a long pattern such as this one.  If that sounds like you, don't worry, I am going to give you a couple of ideas for how to keep tract of where you are.

Luckily, washcloths are quick projects, so if you have a couple of hours, you might not get lost, but many knitters get distracted, with no fault of their own, but  because modern life is full of intrusions - calls, children, pets, messages, you name it.

Here are a few ways to keep your place while knitting a lengthy pattern.

  • Use paper and pencil.  This is a low tech way to stay organized.  Keep a post-it note handy and write down the row number after knitting each row.  
  • Use a stitch counter and click at the end of each row.  Either continue or reset the counter at the end of the row repeat.
  • Use stitch markers.  Place a marker at row one of the row-repeat, add another marker at the beginning of the next row-repeat.
  • Use a notepad app on a laptop, phone, or pad to kept tract of the rows knitted.

Alternative Basket Weave Stitch

But Wait, do you love the Basketweave Knit stitch just not the 12 row repeat?  I have a solution for you.

Here is a basic method for knitting the basketweave pattern stitch:

Cast on a multiple of 8 stitches.

Row 1 (right side): *K4, P4; repeat from * to end.

Row 2: P4, *K4, P4; repeat from * to last 4 stitches, K4.

Row 3: Repeat Row 1.

Row 4: Repeat Row 2.

Repeat Rows 1-4 for the desired number of rows.

Note: The pattern is created by alternating blocks of knit and purl stitches. The blocks of knit stitches are worked on a background of purl stitches and vice versa. When you finish the 4th row, you start again with row 1 and continue the pattern until you reach the desired length.

It's important to keep track of your rows, and to make sure that you're alternating between knit and purl stitches in the correct pattern, as this will affect the appearance of the finished piece.

It's also worth noting that this is a basic method of the basketweave pattern, there are variations of it that can be used depending on the desired look of the project.

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