Knitting Instructions

Make your kid look special

This web page is a "hub" for knitting instructions about designing different garments and interesting decorative things for kids. It will be like a treasure chest for those creative ideas which can be used to make something special for your kids.

Why bother if there are a lot of modern and fashion items at the kid's departments for us to buy? 

Sure, there are a lot of good quality kid's garments which you can buy. But.... Perhaps you already know that not everything can be bought at the store.

Every hand made thing besides its sentimental value holds some positive energy which makes them completely unique and special.

That's why every family has its own "treasure chest" where they save all those old kid's things which nobody is going to use any more. But for some reason, from time to time they take them out, touch them and say with pride and fondness: "My granny made it for me..."

Let's begin to fill our treasure chest with easy to follow  knitting instructions.

You don't have to follow them step by step. It doesn't matter whether you are going to make some knitting for baby, girl sweater or a scarf for your fashion 10-year old son. Just be creative. They will appreciate it. Sooner or later they will say:"She made it for me".

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