Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review

I was skeptical when I learned about Red Heart Granny Square Yarn, a striped yarn that has been dyed in a way that it can be made into granny squares.  The yarn produces a new contrasting color for each round crocheted.  The goal is to save you time by weaving in ends. 

Do you love weaving in ends?  If so, this yarn will deprive you of this pleasure, but if not, read on.

Red Heart Granny Square Yarn, several crochet squares, scissors, and a crochet hookRed Heart Granny Square Yarn Review

There are few crochet projects that require more time spent weaving in ends than granny squares. But we all do it because we love the look. Now, we have a choice.

But does it really work? There are only a couple of rules for creating a granny square with this yarn. According to Yarnspirations™, you must follow their pattern precisely and you must get your tension perfect.

I thought I’d give it a try to see if I could make it work for me.

My Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review

This yarn is like other striping yarns, with the exception that the length of each color stripe creates one round in the Granny square, creating a 5-color six-inch square.

If you have ever worked with Red Heart Super Saver yarn, you will know how this yarn feels. It’s a number 4, worsted weight, 100% Acrylic yarn. Each skein is composed of 417 yards/381 meters and can be worked into 14 squares.

Those who love and recommend it suggest that it works perfectly once you get your tension right and save hours of time weaving in ends. Since it comes in 11 different colorways, there is something for everyone.

Here are the colorways:

  • Black, Cyber Leaf
  • Soft White - Green Scream
  • Aran - Lily Pad
  • Black – Dove
  • Aran - Soft Sky
  • Black - Neon Lights
  • Black - Moody Cherry
  • Black - Hyper Violet
  • Black - Carnation
  • Soft White – Frigid
  • Soft White - Amethyst
  • Soft White - Pink Punch
  • Soft White - Shadow
  • Aran - Cream
  • Aran - Warm Wheat
  • Soft White - Rainbow Sherbet
  • Soft White - Hot Stuff
  • Soft White - Citrus Twist
A granny square made from Red Heart Granny Square Yarn,

The first color refers to the outer round or last round of the Granny Square. For the purposes of this review, I chose the Aran Soft Sky to experiment with.

I bought several skeins in several different colorways to see if I could make this yarn work and this article is the result of my efforts. Whatever I think, there are mixed reviews out there; most people either love it or hate it.

Pros:  Those That Love This Yarn

  • Good variety of color choices
  • Works perfectly once you master your tension.
  • Same high quality that they have come to expect with Red Heart
  • Center Pull skeins (always a plus)

Cons:  Those That Hate This Yarn

  • Too expensive
  • Could not get tension right so the colors did not come out evenly.
  • Needed different-sized hooks to make the colors come out right.
  • The length of each color was not uniform.

I bought a couple of skeins at my neighborhood Walmart but couldn’t find the colors I wanted, so I ordered 6 skeins online so that I could complete an Afghan.

I will give you my unbiased opinion of this yarn. With that said, I did go into this project with high expectations. I love Afghan projects and the thought that I would not need to weave in ends was very appealing to me.

First, I needed to learn how to make Granny Square using the directions for this yarn. Yarnspiration™ offers a video on its website, and it is not the same method that I have used for making these squares for decades.

That was the first challenge. They did offer written instructions and a crochet chart on the reverse side of the ball band. Unfortunately, the entire chart was exactly 1 inch 2.5 cm square. I know few people who can see that. It is like reading a font of 2 points. (It is not readable for human eyes.)

The video was less than helpful, so I pulled out my very best reading glasses and copied the written instructions and chart. From there I blew up the chart so I could see it and made it available here for you.

Granny Square Chart Provided by Red Heart

A crochet chart showing the granny square made with the red heart granny square  yarn.Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review: Crochet Chart

Written Instructions Provided by Red Heart

These are the written instructions provided by Red Heart on the ball band:

The instruction calls for an I/9 (5.5 mm). Let’s see what happens.

For this review and experiment, I used the colorway Aran, Soft Sky.

Leaving a 4-inch tail of the first color, Ch 4, Join with a sl st to the first ch to form a ring.

1st round: Ch 6 (3 dc, 3 ch) 3 times in ring. 2 dc in ring. Join.

2nd round: Sl st in ch-3 space. Ch 6. 3 dc in same ch-3 sp. *Ch 1 (3dc, 3 ch, 3 dc) in next ch-3 space. Repeat from * twice more. Ch 1, 2 dc in first ch-3 sp. Join.

3rd round: Sl-st in Ch-3 sp. Ch 6, 3 dc in same ch-3 sp. *Ch 1, 3 dc in next Ch-3 space. Repeat from * twice more. Ch 1, 3 dc in last ch-1 sp. Ch 1. 2 dc in first Ch-3 sp. Join.

4th and 5th rounds: Sl st in ch-3 space. Ch 6, 3 dc in same Ch-3 sp. *(Ch 1, 3 dc) in each Ch-1 sp to next Ch-3 sp. Ch 1. *(3 dc, ch 3, 3 dc) in next ch 3 sp. Rep from * twice more, then from *to **once, 2 dc in first ch-3 sp. Join. Fasten off.

My Mishaps With Red Heart Granny Square Yarn

I started with an I/9 hook as recommended. I pride myself on trying to keep an even tension. This did not happen with this project.

To reach the next color without too much or not enough yarn, I ended up keeping two separate tensions, even though it was not my idea.

I did this by working the double crochet stitches as I normally would, but I worked the chains with a tighter tension. This method worked for me, at least for a while, but not always.

Beginning of a granny square using Red Heart Granny Square Yarn with a mistakeThis granny square was worked with a tighter tension reaching the corner with too much yarn to spare.

In all honesty, I was never able to achieve more than a few squares before I ran into problems again. Normally, I missed the colors by about two stitches.

According to Yarnspiration™, ripping out the last row and reworking it may be effective. I tried that with some degree of success; however, the last row didn’t look like the rest, and for a perfectionist, that just didn’t seem to be the answer.

Red Heart Granny Square Yarn  showing a square worked with the correct tension.This Granny Square worked with the Red Heart Granny Square Yarn has the correct tension so the color change works out appropriately.

In addition, working with two different tensions can cause the squares to be different sizes. Blocking should help with this, but since we’re working with acrylic yarn, blocking can only go so far.

There were two ends to weave in. Many people prefer to hold the tail at the very beginning of the project, working it in as they go. I tried this method, too, so that means just one tail to weave in!

What I Really Liked About This Yarn

  • I love the concept of working an entire Granny Square Without having so many ends to weave in.
  • I love the combination of colors. Red Heart takes the guest work out of finding the best combinations.
  • It is possible to achieve the right tension and make perfect squares, though not easy all of the time.
  • The yarn has helped me become very aware of my tension and helped me improve so that my next project will have a more even tension.

What Frustrated Me About This Yarn

  • It doesn’t always come out perfectly even with alternative tension corrections.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than the typical Red Heart Super Saver
  • All colors may not always be available either in your local craft stores or online.
  • All squares end up being about 6 inches (15 cm) square. This is a good size for a blanket but may not work for other projects requiring smaller granny squares. (For example, a crochet granny square dog jacket). In all fairness, Red Heart did say you could make smaller squares, but you would need to start with the first color and discard the colors for the outermost rounds.
  • Some people will need to experiment with different hook sizes. If you are a loose crocheter, you may need to go down to a 7/4.5 mm or smaller hook, or if you crochet tightly, you may need to try a J/6.0 mm hook.
  • This yarn can be very annoying for folks who have crocheted for years, perfecting and mastering their ideal tension. Changing tension after 50 years requires effort and determination. In this case, it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Tips For Making This Yarn Work for Your Next Granny Square Project

This Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review would not be complete with some tips for making this yarn work for everyone. 

Start in the Right Place

 The color changes work best if you start off right with a slip knot in the first color, four- inches from the end of the yarn ball.

If you can’t start precisely at four inches from the end of the first color, consider winding all the yarn needed for that square into a small ball and saving it to use when sewing your granny’s squares together.

When Colors Don't Match Up

If the colors don’t match up when it’s time for a color change, rip out the last side and re-work it, either tighter or looser depending on where you reach your color change.

If you reach the color change before working all the stitches, work the last row slightly tighter. If you reach the color change after working the stitches, work them slightly looser.

Problems With Rounds 1 - 4

If your problems arise in rounds one through four, consider removing one of the three corner chains or adding one more chain. I don’t recommend this for the last round as you need the same number of stitches on each side when sewing the squares together. Chaining 5 instead of six at the round changes may also help. You will need to experiment.

When to Change to a Different Hook Size

Sometimes changing the hook size will compensate for tension.  This happens when the colors do not align with the rounds and you find yourself way off.  The instructions suggest an I-9/5.5 mm hook. If your tension is loose, consider using an H/5.0mm hook. If your tension is tight, a J/6.0 or even a k/6.5 might work.

What Can You Make with These Granny Square

There are many free patterns you can download for Yarnspriations™, including granny shorts, a cardigan, pants, a mod skirt, and a blanket. Tank and halter tops are also a choice.

There is even a pattern for a pet bed and coat. Naturally, this yarn works great as a blanket, but if you prefer to use it as a self-striping yarn, you can also make scarves, wrist warmers, and even a knit sweater.

The options are only limited by our imagination. Go to Yarnspirations for all free ideas and patterns.

Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review:  Conclusion

In conclusion, the Red Heart Granny Square Yarn presents a unique and innovative solution for crochet enthusiasts eager to dive into granny square projects without the traditional hassle of weaving in all those ends.

While it offers the convenience of pre-planned color changes and the reliability of the Red Heart brand, it does require precise tension and a willingness to adapt to specific instructions for best results.

Despite its challenges, this yarn saves significant time and effort for those who can master the tension, making it a worthwhile experiment for avid crocheters looking for efficiency in their craft. Whether or not this yarn is suitable for you may depend on your crochet style and patience for adjusting tensions and possibly hook sizes.

Nonetheless, it holds potential for a rewarding project. It blends traditional crochet techniques with modern convenience, appealing especially to those looking to streamline their crafting process.

This is not a sponsored post.

I bought all the yarn needed for this review.

Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review:  Pin for Future Reference

Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review Pin showing granny squares and supplies.Red Heart Granny Square Yarn Review Pin

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