How to Crochet Doll( Part I)

A crochet doll presented on this page is my first experience of making dolls. My inspiration came from the dolls made by a talented Russian designer Nelly Bolgert. Her instruction (written in Russian, but has a lot of pictures) describes a basic design of a doll which can be used to create a whole family of the funny crochet toys.

The only reason I decided to make this additional page on my site is desire to help English-speaking visitors to understand some moments in the text which are not quite obvious from the pictures in case you can't read Russian.

Here is my first "family member." Click to enlarge for detail picture. Now download Nelly's instruction and let's follow it step-by-step.

My explanation on this page is not exact translation, but only some major moments which are not obvious from the pictures. If you still have some questions, you can ask them through my contact form. Here is some information which will help you to follow instruction.

Crochet Doll Instruction.

1. Basic information. A single crochet stitch (SC) is used for crocheting all parts of a doll. Thickness of yarn, its colors, number of a crochet hook are a matter of your preferences. A picture below is a small dictionary of the terms which will help you to understand description.

2. Body. Chain 6 stitches, join into the ring. Crochet a circle till its diameter is about 10 cm. Continue to crochet not adding the stitches. It will form an "egg" (see the picture below), about 10 cm long. Begin to decrease stitches to shape the top of the "egg". Stuff it before close the stitches.

3. Head. The same as body, but diameter of the circle is about 8 cm. To form a doll chin, make a tiny "half-egg" first. It is the beginning of a head.

4. Two Legs.Two rectangular pieces 20 cm x 10cm. To make the legs rigid, you can roll a piece of fabric and use it as a stuffing instead of regular fillers.

5. Two Hands. The same as legs. Two rectangular pieces (13-15) cm x 8 cm.

6. Two Feet. Four ovals 8 cm x 15 cm. Sew two ovals together. Stuff them tight, to keep weight of a crochet doll.

7. Fingers and palms of the hands. Begin from 15 chains and crochet two ovals 7 cm x 10 cm. Ten small ovals for fingers: 7 cm x 2.5 cm (20 chains) - 4 pcs, 9 cm x 2.5 cm (24 chains) - 4 pcs, 10 cm x 2.5 cm (26 chains) - 2 pcs. Sew two hands - see the pictures of Nelly's instruction.
8. Hair. Use the same principle like for the hair-do from a Girl Sweater picture. Make hair-do according to your imagination.

9. A crochet doll face. Use buttons, yarn, additional crochet details to make it look the way you like. The main thing is : a face has to be kind. :)
10. Assemble a  doll. Sew all parts together the way you see it in the pictures. Dress your doll sewing her garments on the body or leave some parts of a doll undressed in case you crocheted some parts of her body as a garment. See Part 2 instruction page for some ideas.

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