Easy Crochet Pumpkin Dishcloth

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Dishcloth Pattern  by Janice Jones     |Published 10-19-2021

Need a last minute hostess gift or a project that's entirely made just for you?  Maybe you just need to add a little color to your festivities with a couple of these easy pumpkin dishcloths.  The pattern is beginner-friendly, and all that is needed is a little yarn and a size F hook.  You can use any type of medium number 4 worsted yarn. Still, I recommend 100% cotton as it washes easily and dries fast.

This is also a great pattern to practice your double crochet stitch and while you’re at it, learn how to weave in ends.

Round Crocheted Pumpkin shaped dishcloth made from a beginner patternEasy Crochet Pumpkin Dishcloth Free Pattern

This pattern is written in US Terminology.  The double crochet stitch is also known as the treble crochet in the UK.

Easy Crochet Pumpkin Dishcloth Pattern Instructions


Finished Size

Finished Size: 7  in diameter (17 cm)


Abbreviations Used

Dc = Double Crochet

Ch = chain

Rep = Repeat

Rnd = Round

St (sts) = stitch / stitches

Sl = slip stitch

More crochet abbreviations here


With orange, ch 2

Rnd 1:  Work 12 dc in 2nd ch to form a ring.  Join with sl to form a ring.  Ch 3.

Rnd 2:  2dc in each dc around and join with sl st in top chain. Ch 3, counts as one dc.

Rnd 3:  (2 Dc in next dc, dc in next 2 sts.) around.  Join with slip st in top of beginning ch-3.  Ch-3

Rnd 4: (2 Dc in next dc,  dc in next 3 sts.) around.  Join with slip st in top of beginning ch-3.  Ch-3

Rnd 5:  (2dc in next dc, dc in next 4 sts.) around.  Join with slip st in top of beginning ch-3.  Ch-3.  

Rnd 6: Repeat Rnd 5

Rnd 7:  Repeat Rnd 5 but do not ch-3.  Bind off orange yarn.

Attach green color.  Ch. 3.  Ch 3 counts as one dc.  Dc in next 6 sp. Turn. Ch 3.  

Work dc in each dc across row. For three more rows.  Bind off.  Weave in Ends.  Block if necessary.

Pattern Notes

Seven rounds creates a circle with the diameter of 7 inches or 17 cm, a good size for an average adult hand.  Feel free to add extra rounds or decrease the size by reducing the number of rounds.  Use Round 5 in the instructions to increase so that the pumpkin lays flat.

Pin for Future Reference

Easy crochet pumpkin washcloth free patternEasy crochet pumpkin washcloth free pattern

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