Common Terms and Abbreviations

There are differences in the UK terms and the US terms.

Beginning |beg |

Back loop |bl |

Back Post |bp |

Chain |ch |

Cluster |cl |

Double crochet |dc |

Decrease |dec |

Double treble crochet |dtr |

Front loop |fl |

Front post |fp |

Half double crochet |hdc |

Increase |inc |

Include |incl |

Place marker |pm |

Repeat |rep |

Reverse |rev |

Rounds |rnds |

Right side |rs |

Single crochet |sc |

Slip |sl |

Slip stitch |ss |

Space |sp |

Stitch |st |

Together |tog |

Treble stitch |tr |

Triple treble |tr tr|

Wrong side |ws |

Yarn over |yo |

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