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The art of knitting and crocheting always attracted many people. There are millions of us around the world who consider this art either our hobby or professional business.

How to Make the Crochet Wattle Stitch

This stitch is created by a two row repeat, starting with a foundation chain of multiples of 3.  The possibilities are endless.  Start with a number 4 yarn made of 100% cotton and create coasters, dish cloths, face cloths, or placemats.  

Turn your creation into a soft washable blanket with a 100% Acrylic number 4 yarn, or create a fast baby blanket using a soft chunky yarn.

Without any doubts you will be able to find numerous sources of information about our favorite hobby-:); books, magazines, booklets, CD's, and so on. It is a very pleasant and exiting experience to "dig" through all these treasures.

But as usually every pleasure has to be paid. In this case payment is our precious time, which we never have enough to do everything what we would like to accomplish. What is the solution?

Sorry, it is not very easy and simple.

We have to be selective and rational while we discovering all new resources about our favorite knitting or crocheting. All new information has to be sorted. Leave the one which you are going to use all the time. Do not accumulate information "just in case".

Knitting and Crocheting Resources

How to sort all information available?

Here are my principles of elimination which I used before presenting the knitting/crocheting books and magazines which deserve attention. Sure, they are my personal choices and can't be called "the-best-in the-world-for-everyone". But there are some rational ideas in choosing them.

Let's look what kinds of "filters" they went through before being presented here.

From my point of view the book is "a must have or read" if we can positively answer following questions

  • Does it tell me HOW TO DO it? (the most important question!)
  • Is presentation clear enough to understand the process easy?
  • Does the book have good quality pictures? (The majority of us are visual learners).
  • Does it have A LOT of useful information to keep it as a reference book on the table instead of putting it on the shelf to collect dust?

Here is the beginning of my "filtered" list of favorite knitting and crocheting books.

Those which will be your good helpers, sources of new ideas, inspiration and a lot of pleasure. You will find more and more of them added while I build this site.

Fortunately there are a lot of talented people who share their knowledge and passion with us. Hence, there is a lot of excellent information to choose from.

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