Knit Grid Stitch Pattern: How to Make, Tips and Tutorials

Knit Grid Stitch Pattern  by Janice Jones Published  09-26-2023

The Grid stitch is a very beginner-friendly stitch that is created using only purls and knits and can be used to create items such as scarves, hats, and sweaters, but it can also be used for home decor such as blankets, dishcloths, placemats, coasters, and pillows.

The grid knit stitch pattern swatch worked in white shown with yarn and a pair of scissors

What is the Knit Grid Stitch Pattern

The Grid stitch is a popular pattern for many reasons.  First, it's easy to knit, it's reversible, and it doesn't curl.  

This is a four-row repeat pattern, two of which are plain knit rows making it a fast knit.  Best yet, all you need to know is how to make a knit and a purl stitch.  

This 4-Row Repeat Knit Stitch Pattern is created with knits and purls, perfect for beginners.

Even though it is a four-row repeat, which means it takes four rows to complete the pattern, it’s very beginner-friendly because two of the four rows are knits only. The other two are very easy.  So, if you pride yourself on memorizing knit stitch patterns, this one is for you!

This design can be used as a rib pattern for any number of projects, but it is also great as a stand-alone stitch to create pillows, scarves, and even cowls.

If you need more information about reversible knit stitches, check out this article.

The Pique Stitch vs. Grid Stitch

Not to confuse you, but you'd be right if you think this stitch looks like the Pique stitch.

The Grid stitch and the Pique stitch are made by working a four-row repeat of knit and purl stitches, but subtle differences make each a unique stitch.

The knit pique stitch pattern closeup viewPique Knit Stitch Pattern
Grid stitch closeup 350x234pxKnit Grid Stitch Pattern

The Grid Knit Stitch Pattern: Right or Public Side

Right side showing of the grid knit stitch pattern

The Grid Knit Stitch Pattern: Wrong side

The wrong side of the grid knit stitch pattern

What Skills Are Needed to Create the Knit Grid Stitch Pattern?

If you need to review any of these techniques, click to be taken to the step-by-step directions before advancing to the practice swatch.

Notes On Grid Knit Stitch Pattern

  • Row Count: 4-Row Repeat
  • Stitch Repeats: Cast on an odd number of stitches or 2 + 1
  • This pattern may not need to be blocked, because it lies flat, but if you work it in 100% wool, a little blocking will make it look more professional.
  • This pattern works best with solid, smooth yarn so that you can see your stitches and the pattern clearly.

Materials Needed to Practice This Knit Stitch

  • Yarn: I recommend a worsted-weight yarn (#4) in a light color so you can see your stitches. Use wool, acrylic, cotton, or what you have on hand. Smooth, non-slippery yarn works best for beginners.
  • Knitting needles: If using #4 yarn, choose a pair of knitting needles size 7 ( 4.50 mm ) or 8 ( 5.0 mm).
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Skill Level: 


K – knit
P – Purl
** - Repeat instructions between the * * asterisks

How to make the Grid Knit Stitch: Directions

Closeup of the grid knit stitch pattern worked with white pattern

CO an odd number of stitches or 2 +1

  • Row 1 (RS): *k1, p1* rep to last st, k1.
  • Row 2 (WS): *p1, k1* rep to last st, p1.
  • Rows 3 and 4: K across.

These four rows create the pattern. Repeat them until you reach your desired length. 

The pattern looks best when you bind off after finishing row 3.  Weave in ends. 

If you prefer, add an additional edge stitch on each side.

Learn to Read a Stitch Chart

This beginner-level stitch doesn’t require a knitting chart, but if you learn how to use one now, it will be much easier when you attach more complicated stitch patterns. This is a very simple chart.

Learn how to read a knitting chart.

Grid Knit Stitch Pattern Knit Chart

Knit Grid Stitch Pattern Chart

Last Words

The Grid Knit Stitch Pattern is a fascinating, textured stitch that creates a rib-like fabric.  Since it is beginner-friendly, anyone learning to knit can use this stitch pattern to create exciting projects. 

The right and wrong sides are virtually identical, so it is an easy stitch to use when making scarves, cowls, and other projects where both sides show.

Grid Knit Stitch Pattern:  Pin for Future Reference

Grid Knit Stitch Pattern Pin ImageGrid Knit Stitch Pattern Pin for Future Reference

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