Free Toy Crochet Patterns:  Comprehensive Index

Free Toy Crochet Patterns     Compiled by Janice Jones   |Published 10-10-2022

This page about free toy crochet patterns lists all the free patterns that you can crochet that can be found on this site.  Feel free to browse, enjoy, and make these projects.  They are copyrighted so the patterns are for your personal use only.  Permission to reproduce the patterns may be granted.  Contact me

Free Red Head Crochet Doll

Crochet doll ready to dress

What child doesn't delight in a home made doll.  We even have a page devoted to dressing her.  Try your hand at this beginning to intermediate crochet project and create the perfect gift for that special little person on your gift giving list.

Free Crochet Doll Instructions

Free Crochet Doll Clothes for Red Head Doll

Red head crochet doll with clothes

Once you have your doll complete, you will want to dress her.  Here are the directions for adding hair, a dress, collar and cuffs.

Dress Your Crocheted Doll with this Crochet Doll Clothes Instructions

Anyone You Know Love Barbie?

Generic barbie doll ready to dress in handmade crochet clothes

There are quite a few patterns on this site all devoted to keeping your Barbies in full fashion.  Any little girl that loves to play with Barbies will appreciate your efforts to expand her wardrobe.  This section is a work in progress because it will take a while to find all the Barbie patterns that previous site owners created.

Knit and Crochet Barbie DYI Patterns to Make

Children's Finger Puppets

Collage of crochet finger puppets

Puppets fascinate children.  They encourage creativity, story telling, language development and manual dexterity.  They are used in many excellent preschools and early childhood classrooms. 

If you homeschool, puppets are an excellent way to teach a concept or improve auditory recall.  Even if you are a parent, grandparent, or know a child and want to give them a unique gift, these puppet patterns are fast to make and require very little yarn.

Valentine's Day Heart Finger Puppet

Mosquito Finger Puppet

Alien Finger Puppet

Weird Bug Finger Puppet

Spaceship Finger Puppet

Snowman Finger Puppet

Fish Finger Puppet

Sock Monkey Finger Puppet

Teddy Bear Finger Puppet

Cat Finger Puppet

Snake Finger Puppet

Little Girl's Holiday Grab Bags

Call them grab bags, child's purses, clutches, or whatever you like, any little girl will enjoy carrying these little bags around both for play and for outings.  Use the Easter inspired bags to collect Easter Eggs or place little candies in them for a special Easter gift.

Easter Bunny Grab Bag

Easter Egg Grab Bag

Easter Chick Grab Bag

Easter Bunny Crochet Grab Bag for Little Girl
Crochet Easter Chick Grab Bag
Crochet Easter Egg Grab Bag for a little girl

Child Size Market Bag

Child's crochet market bag

What little girl wouldn't love to carry her own market bag to her next farmer's market or festival.  Make her feel big and special at the same time with this cute little bag that's sure to please. Create with your stash of left over yarn or choose her favorite color.

Child Size Market Bag

Infant's Lovey Blanket

Crocheted Infant Pluto Lovey

Sure you can buy a lovey for that special baby, but why not create one of your own.  These are easy projects that work up fast and best of all you can use up some of that yarn stash you have been collecting.

The typical size of a lovey blanket is about 10 to 12 inches (about 25 cm to 30 cm square, and you really don't need a pattern to make one. If you prefer, you can make one that is a bit bigger and use it as a car seat blanket or a lap blanket

Just choose your favorite or easy crochet stitch, grab some soft yarn and the corresponding size hook and get started.  If you would like a pattern, try the one below.

Infant's Pluto Lovey

Food Inspired Toys for Creative Minds

If you've created a play area with a child size stove and refrigerator, you most definitely need some food to add to the fun.  Whether your child loves to play "house, cooking, or play grown up, no child sized dish set is complete without some food. Try the cupcake design to accompany your child's tea party.

No, I'm not talking about real food, but pretend food which is much less messy.  Here are a few patterns for you to try.

Toy Cupcake

Toy Cherries

Toy Pancake with Butter

Toy Doughnut

Assorted Toy Vegetables

Crocheted Toy Cupcake
Crochet toy cherries

Child's Crown

Crochet Child's Crown Dress-up

Make your child a king or queen for the day with this especially lovely crown.  Add some dress up clothes such a ball gown, fancy dress, or vest for a boy and a cape and allow your child use their imagination to create a very special play date.

A Child's Crown


While not technically considered a toy, these appliques are especially designed for children and you can use them on any number of children's clothing items or sew them onto backpacks, pencil cases, or lunch bags.  You're sure to get a smile from your child's face.

Candy Applique

Owl Applique

Bow Applique

Ghost Applique

Butterfly Applique