Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch: How-to Tutorial for Beginners

Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch: by Janice  |Published 12-10-2023

The Drop Stitch Garter Knitting Pattern is a unique stitch pattern that intentionally drops stitches to achieve a beautiful and breathable fabric.

While dropping a stitch is typically considered a mistake, in this case, it is done purposefully to create an eye-catching knit stitch pattern, which makes it a beginner-friendly design, especially for those who haven’t quite mastered lace or eyelet designs.

The drop stitch garter stitch swatch worked in a light lavender 100% acrylic yarn.

The Drop Stitch Garter Pattern is perfect for summer knitting projects and is one of the easiest reversible knit stitch patterns to master.  All that is required is your knowledge of how to make the knit stitch and a yarn over, which I'll describe below

Skill Level


Abbreviations Used

K - knit

YO - yarn over

YO 2x -  wrap the yarn over and around the needle twice.

CO - Cast on

BO - Bind off

*  *  - Work the directions between the two astericks for the specified number of times.

Skills Required

Knit stitch

Yarn Over

Cast on

Bind off

Weave in Ends

Block if desired

Notes about the Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch

  • This is a 6-row repeat.
  • Reversible
  • Instructions are in US Terms

Is this Pattern Reversible?

Yes, it is reversible, however it looks slightly different on each side.  Both sides shows the characteristic twisting of stitches but the right shows a tighter twist than the wrong side.

A swatch of the drop stitch garter pattern righ sideRight side
Drop stitch garter pattern wrong sideWrong side

Supplies Needed

For this tutorial, you will need some yarn and a pair of knitting needles appropriate for the weight of yarn you are using.  For example, if you choose a worsted weight (#4) yarn, choose a US #7 or 8 *5.00 mm).

  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle

Written Directions

Drop stitch garter swatch being held in one hand

Cast On: Any number of sts.

  • Row 1 - 4: Knit across row
  • Row 5: *K1, YO 2x* K1.
  • Row 6: *K1, Drop 2,* K1.

Repeat rows 1 to 6 for the pattern.

Row 5 may need a little explanation. YO means yarn over. In this case, you will do a yarn over twice. Work the pattern between the * and * until the last stitch, and then end with a K1.

Row 6 is where it gets interesting. Start with Knit 1. Then, drop the two stitches you created in the previous row with the yarn overs. Continue this pattern until the end of the row and the Knit the last stitch.

Dropping the yarn over stitches creates the long open spaces you see through the swatch. 

Ideas for Using the Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch

A good example of how you can use this is a scarf. I found this free pattern and tutorial that you might find helpful.

Search for Red Heart Supersaver Yarn Deals

Last Words

In conclusion, the drop stitch garter knit pattern is a unique technique that adds texture and a touch of luxury to any knitted piece.

Its versatility makes it a favorite choice for many knitting projects, from scarves to sweaters.

Although it may seem complicated to beginners, it is not; it may take some practice to master the double yarnovers and drop stitches.  It is perfect for anyone who wants an open design but is not quite ready to tackle eyelet or lace designs. 

Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch:  Pin for Future Reference

The drop stitch garter knit stitch pin imageHow to make the Drop Stitch Garter Knit Stitch

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