Free Knit Purl Ridge Dishcloth Pattern: Complete Instructions

Knit Purl Ridge Dishcloth Pattern   by Janice Jones  |Published 01-26-2023

If you can knit a stockinette stitch you can make this Knit Purl Ridge Dishcloth Pattern.  Composed entirely of knit and purl stitches, the dishcloth lays flat due to the garter stitch border.  It's not reversible, but the "wrong" side is similar to the reverse stockinette or the non-public side of the stockinette stitch.

It's easy to make, even for the absolute beginner and super fast.  Make one or more for yourself or to give as a gift. This is just one of a series of free dishcloth patterns from which to choose on Smart Knit Crocheting.

Purl Ridge Coral Dishcloth

Why Knit Dishcloths in the First Place?

Beyond the environmental aspect of reducing waste by not using disposable towels, there are plenty of reasons to use knitted dishcloths or facecloths/washcloths.

Knitting using 100% cotton (preferably organic cotton) creates cloths that are textured.  Unlike commercially made dishcloths, this extra texture makes cleaning much easier.  

They are also more sanitary.  A clean dishcloth used for one day will not collect the dirt, bacteria and other harmful germs that a sponge might, reducing your need for strong disinfectants that might be damaging to the environment.

I have started cleaning my face with just hot water and one of these knit dishcloths.  Before you gag, let me say that the skin on my face has not felt better. 

Just that little extra abrasive action that the knit dishcloth can provide helps remove dead skin cells and leave a clean glow to my skin.  My son reports that he has noticed less break outs and smoother skin by just using water and a cloth.

Free Knit Purl-Ridge Dishcloth Pattern

This is not a reversible pattern stitch meaning that the front will not look like the back.

Knit Purl Ridge Dishcloth Right Side

Swatch showing the right side of thepurl ridge stitch worked in white, 100% cotton

The right side or public side of the Purl Ridge Stitch is shown. Notice that it is identical to the stockinette stitch, except for an extra row of knit stitches every tenth row.

Swatch shown is the Purl Ridge Stitch wrong side worked in white 100% cotton

This is the wrong or non-public side of the dishcloth. Like the front side, the wrong side resembles the wrong side of the stockinette stitch with just a minor deviation on the tenth row.

Skill Level

From the Craft Yarn Council, the symbol used to determine the skill level required to finish the project.


Dc - Double Crochet Stitch

Tr - Trebble Crochet Stitch

Sc - Single Crochet Stitch

Hdc - Half Double Crochet Stitch

Ch - Chain

For this project, you will want to get some bulky weight yarn (CYC #5), a US Hook #K (6.5 mm), scissors, and a tapestry needle with an extra large eye for weaving in ends.

For the blanket that is pictured on this page, I used:

Yarnspirations, BERNAT Velvet, Number 5, Bulky Yarn in Blush Pink.  I also created a border in colorway Vapor Gray.

For making a queen sized blanket, I used 7 skeins of the may color and 2 skeins of a contrasting color.   If you choose to make a different sized blanket, You will need more or less yarn.

Finished Measurements

90 x 100 inches (225 x 250 cm) before border which is optional


The actual gauge is not important in this project.

Project Notes

All instructions are written in U.S. terms.

Skills Needed for this Plush Yarn Easy Crochet Blanket

Half double crochet

Double Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet Stitch

Chain Stitch

Understand Pattern Directions

CO 42 stitches or any number of stitches in multiples of 2

Row 1 - 4:  Knit across row.

Row 5:  K4, P to last 4 sts.  K4.

Row 6: Knit across row.

Row 7: K4, P to last 4 sts. K4.

Row 8: Knit across row.

Row 9: K4, P to last 4 sts.  K4.

Row 10:  Knit across row.

Row 11:  Knit across row.

Row 12:  Repeat rows 7 - 11 until piece measures approximately 7 1/2 inches (19 cm)

Last 4 rows:  K across rows.

Bind off in K stitch, Weave in ends.

Alternate:  If you would like to have a loop to hang this dishcloth, then bind off to last four stitches.  Continue to knit the four stitches until the loop is 4 1/2 inches (11.4 cm).  Bind off leaving a long tail for sewing and weaving in the ends.  Fold the loop in half. Using the long tail, sew the end of the loop to the body of the dishcloth.  Weave in ends.

Knit Purl Ridge Dishcloth Patterns

This one was made with the addition of a hanging loop.

Purl Ridge Dishcloth knit with 100% cotton yarn made with an additional loop

To Block or Not

Most of the dishcloths in this series do not blocking, but you may still want to block.  This knit purl ridge dishcloth pattern may need a little blocking if it does not lay flat.  

Did You Know?

Knit dishcloths are nothing new but are enjoying a new found interest as many of us look for ways to reduce waste and live frugally.  

Many life long knitters remember a grandmother or great aunt that made dishcloths or towels.  There is little recorded about specifics of when knit cotton dishcloths were most popular.

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Pin for Future Reference

Purl Ridge Dishcloth Free Beginner Friendly Pattern, pin image

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