Knitting Video

Basics and advanced techniques

A Knitting video is a good way to learn the basics. Especially if it has a clear and comprehensive presentation like the videos collected on this page. Step-by-step, they show you the very basics of the knitting process.

After you follow each  video from the very beginning to the very end, you will be able to start and finish not only a simple small rectangular which is shown in the videos but more complicated REAL knitting projects. You don't need to know any additional information in order to knit: a scarf, a blanket, a simple summer top or something similar.

A few notes before you start to watch the videos.

1. There are only two major stitches in knitting: the PURL (P) and the KNIT (K) stitch. All the rest of stitches are their different variations.

2. There are two methods of supplying yarn for knitting:

  • RIGHT hand supplies the yarn (English style).
  • LEFT hand supplies the yarn (Continental style).

Nevertheless, needles go the same way around the yarn and they pool the yarn through the loops EXACTLY the same manner for both methods. Hence result of knitting will be exactly the same for both methods. Which one is better? That one which YOU like the best.

I am a continental style knitter, but I am not going to argue about which one is "the best method".

Here is the only thing I would like to mention. From a technical point of view, hands of a Continental style knitter make FEWER movements to knit a stitch and they are SMALLER in AMPLITUDE to compare to the English style knitter.

It is pretty important if your care about your hands. Watch each method, try both and make your own judgement. Let's get to work!

Knitting Videos

CASTING-ON: How to start your knitting

The method presented in this video is not the only way to begin your knitting. You will find many of them once you gain more experience. But now we will just have to START from something.

The KNIT stitch. (English Method).

The KNIT stitch (Continental Method).

The PURL stitch (English Method).

The PURL stitch (Continental Method)

Binding - off.

As usual, a correct solution can be obtained by a few different methods. One of the way to finish your projects.

Each knitting video presented in a list below, will teach you more advanced techniques of knitting necessary for more complicated projects where change of fabric shape or different kinds of stitches are involved.

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